WissensNacht Ruhr

ScienceNight Ruhr

ScienceNight Ruhr is one of the youngest and largest Science Festivals in Germany. Every two years this polycentric Researchers’ Night turns the dynamic Ruhr Region into a swirling “Knowledge Metropolis”. Many scientists working in the different scientific institutions in the region are presenting a dialogue-oriented, interactive programme. The main target groups of ScienceNight Ruhr are families, students and young professionals and of course everybody interested in research and science.

The Ruhr Metropolis in North Rhine-Westphalia is the largest urban agglomeration in Germany. In this post-industrialized region with about 5 million inhabitants, ScienceNight Ruhr invites thousands of visitors of all ages to enjoy, experience and debate science. As a biannual format ScienceNight Ruhr is a landmark of the region’s strategic development from a post-industrial region, still shaped by a strong tradition of coal mining and steel production, into a dynamic “Knowledge Metropolis”. ScienceNight Ruhr is seen as an essential element in this development process – emphasizing the role of science and innovation as a motor for sustainable economic and socio-cultural development.

The festival will be organized in the whole Ruhr Metropolis. ScienceNight Ruhr is organized by the Ruhr Regional Association in close collaboration with a large number of Universities and Scientific Institutions. The next Science Night takes place on September 28th, 2018.


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